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Falling in love with Prague's Autumn

Falling in love with Prague's Autumn


Close friends from back home were doing an Europe trip so we traveled over to Prague over a weekend to meet up with them. Our first time there! Having seen so many beautiful pictures of Prague before, we were very excited for the trip.

One great thing to know about Prague is that everything is relatively cheap from accomodations to food and etc.


The architecture and the little side streets were stunning here, so colorful!

*Picture on the right: The guy in the middle with the black jacket, that’s Ryan!!!

One interesting thing about Prague was the amount of Korean tourists here!! We were so surprised. There were so many of them that even the Prague airport had all signs written in Korean too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before (maybe LA?). Not sure why or how Prague became so popular among Korean tourists, but it was pretty fascinating. Be prepared to bump into large Korean tour groups in Prague!

Old Town Square


After doing some research, we decided to stay near the Old Town Square because it was a convenient location to get to most of the spots.

In the picture, the building behind us has 2 towers - if you look closely, you will notice that the tower on the right is slightly bigger than the left tower. According to our tour guide (we did 2 free walking tours through Sandeman in Prague), it’s because the left tower symbolizes Eve and the right tower symbolizes Adam.

Astronomical Clock


The famous astronomical clock is right in Old Town Square. You can’t miss it - you will see a huge crowd of people waiting for the hourly clock “show”. If you want to get a good view of it, get a spot at least 10 minutes before each hour. We were curious so we waited around to see it - to be honest, quite disappointing! Just some music and little figures that come in and out of the small windows above the clock. I wouldn’t say go out of your way to watch it, but if you are there, might as well!

What was actually fascinating about the clock is its intricacy and accuracy and that the people have achieved this such a long time ago! It’s the oldest astronomical clock that is still operating.


For those who know us, you will know that we love sweets, especially gummies! So, naturally, when we saw this place called “Captain Candy”, we had to stop by and get a bag full of cute gummies! Yes, we did go a bit crazy here and got a huge bag, but for less than $10, it was worth it! We were like little kids in that store. Funny thing is the next day, our tour guide told the group not to go there because it’s a tourist trap! Oops!

Charles Bridge


A must-see in Prague, the Charles Bridge. The picture above of Charles Bridge is taken from a bridge next to it. It’s not too far from Old Town Square, so it’s very easy to get to.


I’d highly recommend visiting the bridge multiple times, during different times of the day. The views at night, morning, sunset are all so different but all so gorgeous! We wanted to catch the sunrise one day, but of course, we could never wake up early enough for it! We would go to sleep with our the alarm set, but we would continue to snooze… If you are a morning person, I heard the sunrise views are amazing, so check it out.


The sunset views are not to be missed. Especially during the fall season! All the trees turning into beautiful autumnal colors fit perfectly into the sunset views.

Note that the bridge will always be crowded (maybe not as much if you go for sunrise) so always be aware of your purse! Though Prague is considered one of the safest cities in the world, we heard that there’s still quite a bit of pick pocketers targeting tourists.

You can also get some amazing views of the Prague Castle from Charles Bridge.


The night view from Charles Bridge!! The bridge itself does not have a lot of lighting but the castle is well lit so you can get a nice view from the bridge at night. I’d say the sunset views and night views from the bridge was one of the highlights of this trip!




To try the traditional Czech cuisine, we headed to Lokal. Though it’s pretty big inside and we went past lunch time (around 2-2:30pm), we still had to wait about 20 minutes to get seated.

Prague is known for its beer-loving culture. Apparently Pilsner was originated from Prague and a large number of beers around the world also originated from here. The must-try beers in Prague are the Pilsner Urquell & Kozel Dark beer, both refreshing and delicious.


Left - The famous Koleno, which is a tender pork knuckle dish. It’s HUGE so be hungry!

Center - Beef Tartare. The portions here are really big. We thought we were getting an appetizer portion for this dish, but it was a main dish size. You’re supposed to smear the garlic on the toast, and eat with the tartare. Very garlic heavy but yum!

Right - Another local delicacy is fried cheese. It tasted like very light mozzarella - so simple, but surprisingly good!

Lennon Wall

IMG_4026 2.JPG

If you cross Charles Bridge towards the castle, there’s another cute neighborhood to be explored, and that’s where the Lennon Wall is. A graffiti wall inspired by John Lennon/Beatles for their song lyrics, it was a symbol of freedom of speech during the communist regime. Being the ignorant me, I had no idea that Czech Republic was under the communist control until the late 1980s. That’s pretty recent! It made me think how lucky I am - just 30 years ago, people my age had to risk their lives to speak freely of their ideas. Hearing about the history and learning about it was a very humbling experience for us.

Right next to the Lennon Wall, there was this really cute restaurant! We were still very full from lunch so just took a quick photo and went to the John Lennon Pub right next door to grab a beer.


I ordered a small beer and Ryan ordered the regular size. When the server brought out the beer for us, he said “Baby beer for her, and Big beer for him!” Haha!



This is a local dessert to try! It’s pretty much rolled bread topped with sugar + walnuts. You can choose to have other toppings such as ice-cream, chocolate sauce, etc.

There are tons of place selling this in Old Town Square but most of those places don’t make the bread fresh. We went to a place called “Good Food” which is near Charles Bridge. It was known to have fresh made trdelniks.


We got the one with vanilla & chocolate ice-cream. The bread part when it was still warm, it was chewy and yummy! However, because of the ice-cream, the bread got cold pretty quickly, which made it not as tasty. If I were to eat it again, I would get the one with just the warm chocolate sauce to enjoy the warm bread longer!

Prague Castle

We also did a free walking tour of the Prague Castle. On our way up to the castle, we saw streets full of beautiful autumn trees! I HIGHLY recommend visiting Prague in the fall because the weather is so perfect for traveling and the views are just so incredible.


We started the tour in the gardens. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded at all! The big tour groups apparently head straight over to the castle and the church. So, lucky us, we got to enjoy the beautiful gardens without the crowd.


We saw one of the brightest orange-colored autumn tree and had to take a photo with it. It looked almost fake because of its color!

St. Vitus Cathedral

IMG_4079 2.jpg

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous buildings to see in the Prague Castle. The intricacy of the architecture was wow-ing. The line to get inside the cathedral was way too long so we didn’t get a chance to look inside, but we heard the inside is incredible as well. Per the tour guide, the stone used to build this cathedral naturally turns to a dark color over time. The dark colored stones showcased the gothic style of the building even more!


When you head out of the castle, you get to see the iconic Prague view of the red roof-ed buildings. There’s also a Starbucks nearby where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with this crazy view.


The view of the city of Prague from the castle grounds are unreal! The weather was super nice and sunny too!

Strahov Monastery Brewery

While enjoying the views, we slowly made our way over to the Strahov Monatery Brewery for lunch. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the castle. There’s an indoor part and outdoor patio. Since the weather was so nice, we sat outside.


First things first, we had to order the beer here! I ordered the blueberry beer which actually tasted pretty good! Then for lunch, we ordered goulash in a bread bowl and duck. We enjoyed the goulash better than the duck - it was warm & hearty, reminded me of chili soup back at home!

Havel’s Market

Our last stop before we had to head over to the airport, Havel’s Market.


If you are looking for some fresh fruit or little knick knacks as souvenirs, this is the place to go. The berries were one of the most perfect looking berries I’ve ever seen!

This somehow turned out to be a pretty lengthly post. We were there for only a weekend, to be exact, 1 full day and 2 half-days, and we were able to explore this much of the city! Similar to Madrid, this is a very walking-friendly city. Whether you are in Europe and looking for a quick trip or if you are planning a big trip out in Europe, Prague should be in your itinerary, especially if you are visiting during the autumn months.

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