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Michelin Star Experience in Prague

Michelin Star Experience in Prague


As food lovers, the first thing we did after booking our trip to Prague was to look for places to eat. During our search, we found out about this place, La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise.

One of only 2 Michelin star restaurants in Prague, La Degustation was mentioned in multiple articles and websites. We casually checked the reservation thinking ‘there is no way we would get a table’, but… ta-da! We got lucky and was able to make a reservation!


The menu was a set course menu and they present it in an envelope, which was a cool idea! I think we paid around ~$150-200 per person, which isn’t too bad for a fine dining, Michelin starred restaurant. Plus, the food was excellent!


All dishes came in fairly small sizes which we appreciate because that means you can taste more items. There has been times where the set menu was too heavy and too much food so I couldn’t even finish them (bummer!). Don’t get me wrong though - they definitely gave you more than enough food to feel full!

On the right was their take on traditional Czech food of beef tartare. Right amount of garlic, right amount of crunch, right amount of salt/pepper, a perfect little bite!


One of the most memorable dishes for us was the beets dish with poppyseed, which is pictured on the left. We’ve only tried beets in salads but this dish showcased the beets itself. The sauce & the texture was just so yummy that it made us re-think about beets.


The ambience of the restaurant was right on point! Modern but traditional, not too bright, not too dark, not too loud but not too quiet. We personally don’t like restaurants that are too dark - we want to be able to enjoy the company and the visual aspect of the food! Also, that beautiful glass chandelier!!!! What more can I say?!

The service was also excellent! Very nice, friendly, and polite staff. They were attentive and made our experience very relaxed and enjoyable.


The duck dish (far left picture) was so tender and perfectly seasoned. I typically don’t like duck because I think it tastes gamey but this did not taste gamey at all! Also the soup with creme fraiche (center) and fish dish (right) was yummy too. As mentioned before, you can see that the dishes aren’t big but enough for you to fully enjoy the food!


To be honest, the dessert didn’t wow us. They were definitely tasty and good and we appreciate that they gave us such variety to try. But, in our opinion, their savory dishes were way more memorable unforgettable and impressive than the sweet dishes!


It was an open kitchen concept so we were able to watch the chefs create everything while enjoying our meal. We loved it because it’s almost like watching a cooking show live! After the meal, we asked to take a picture with the chefs and they were so nice and friendly. The chef right behind us, I believe was the main chef, was so goofy and light-hearted too!

Overall, great restaurant, loved the food, and had an amazing time eating our very first meal in Prague! If you’re like us and love trying new cuisines and travel around food, this place is a must try in Prague!

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