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Spending our Saturday in Notting Hill

Spending our Saturday in Notting Hill


Notting Hill became popular through the movie starring Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant but now it’s one of the favorite spots for both locals and tourists to visit. Its cute & colorful houses, great restaurants and cafes, and the Portobello Road Market, which is a street antique market, make the neighborhood so attractive. Make sure to visit Notting Hill on Saturdays because that’s the only day all the markets and shops are open! Yes, it will be crowded and you will see many bloggers posing in front of the pretty houses, but that’s all part of the people-watching experience!


Once you get to the start of the Portobello Road Market, you will be greeted by the crowds, colorful buildings, and antique shops. I’m not much of an antiques person to be honest, but it’s still super fun to go window shopping! They sell various things from teacups & teapots, old cameras, handmade stamps, plates, clothes, hats, and more. Pretty much anything you can think of. If you are an antique lover unlike me, this place will be heaven for you and you can probably spend hours looking at items!


One of the most well-known and famous antique shop is the Alice shop. It’s not too far from the starting point of the market and you will be able to spot it right away because it has a huge store front in red. They have some items displayed on the outside and if you go inside the store, there’s more!


The market has many, many, many stalls and shops. If you are looking for antique tea sets or antique silverware like the above, this is the place to go!


We saw a lot of cute streets with beautiful homes. This particular street had these gorgeous white houses, which reminded me of the Pac Heights area in San Francisco. Homes were so nice but I don’t know what it would be like to live here with all the tourists and locals flocking in on a daily basis.


While you are popping into all the little stores and shopping, make sure to look for the side streets that have these colorful houses, which Notting Hill is known for. Even though there are many bloggers trying to get their pictures taken here, you should be able to still find good spots for your own photos because there are so many of them around.


This gin spot is super famous too and a must visit place if you are a gin drinker. Apparently, they have some amazing gin cocktails! Also, on a cold day, it would be a good break to go inside and enjoy a quick drink.


There are many well-known cafes and restaurants here but the cutest ones all had super long queues. We were able to get a small seat at GAIL’s Bakery so we took it! It was a super cold day when we visited Notting Hill so it was good to go indoors, get a warm cup of coffee and defrost a bit. I tried the above rose cake, which was delicious! Sweet, citrus-y, & light, a perfect little afternoon pick me up for me.

Image from Lonely Planet

Image from Lonely Planet

The Churchill Arms is also a very popular pub in this area, which also has a Thai restaurant inside. I haven’t been yet but Ryan has been here, and he said the Thai food was actually really good! We haven’t found a good Thai place around London yet, so this might be the spot when we feel like some pad-see-ew next time!


The market not only has antique shops, but also produce and food items, pretty much like a farmer’s market. They also had lots of food trucks/tents lined up serving various ethnic foods.


It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday in Notting Hill. We had fun looking at all the stuff they were selling, people-watching, and admiring cute houses. Everything is outdoors here so if you plan to visit on a cold day, make sure you are prepared and wear layers. We were still so new to the colder weather here and wore our thickest jackets, but we were still freezing!


Though I am not into antiques, these little milk jugs were so cute and I wanted to get a few to use them as flower vases and/or decorations. The picture makes them look bigger but they are actually quite mini-sized, which is right up my alley. There were so many designs of these milk jugs so I had a hard time choosing, but we came home with these 3 to wrap up our Saturday.

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