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Where to Eat in Strasbourg/Colmar

Where to Eat in Strasbourg/Colmar


We had some great food while spending the weekend in Strasbourg and Colmar. We actually went to some random restaurants as we were walking through the town, which was very, very disappointing!! However, all the places we went after our research and reservations, they were very good! So, I highly recommend doing your research and going to the exact places you want to go if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Les Haras Brasserie de Strasbourg (Strasbourg)


Les Haras Brasserie is part of the Les Haras Hotel in Strasbourg. It is known for its great food and service but also for its architecture. The location was a former stud farm built in the 18th century. It won a lot of awards for their food but also won the Worldwide Best Designed Restaurant as well!


As expected, the architecture and design of this place is stunning! If you are looking for a more romantic venue with amazingly good food, this is definitely the place to go in Strasbourg. Please make sure to make your reservations ahead of time! We were there on a Friday for lunch with reservation, and this place was crowded.


For appetizer, we ordered the tarte flambée which is a classic Alsace food specialty to eat in Strasbourg. It’s like a very thin crispy pizza, almost like a flatbread with toppings. The cheese that came with it was very creamy and light. It may seem big for an appetizer, but because it is so thin, it’s perfect. Very delicious!


We ordered the following:

48 hour cooked organic pork belly - the server mentioned this is their signature dish. Though they change their menu every season, this is a staple. This is a must try! It was definitely the best pork belly dish I've ever had. Very well seasoned and tender. Below the pork belly is also peas in a buttery sauce, YUM!

steak with grilled fois gras - we love a good steak and usually we see bone marrow as an add-on to the steak, but here, it was with grilled fois gras. Delicious! The steak was perfectly cooked and each bite with a bit of fatty fois gras, you can’t go wrong.

creme brulee - for dessert, we decided to try the creme brulee with seasonal fruit. It was light and airy in texture, just the way we like it. Some of the berries included in this dessert was crazy tart, so be aware.

Overall, the experience, the service, the ambience, and the food were all excellent! We highly, highly recommend this spot when you visit Strasbourg.

La Maison Rouge (Colmar)


In a historic 11th century building next to Little Venice of Colmar is this cute, cozy, home-y place where they serve traditional Alsace region food. Great location and love the ambience.


Forgot to take a picture of the complimentary bread+butter, but the bread was out of this world! We ate the whole loaf they gave us. We just couldn’t stop eating it. Something about bread and French cuisine, they do it just right!

We ordered the Veal Cordon Bleu with fries and the slow roasted Alsace pork belly with mashed potatoes. Both excellent! We also saw that the ham with braised bones and vegetables and that looked delicious too! This would be a perfect spot for lunch while you are visiting Colmar for the day.

Au Croissant Dore (Colmar)


While exploring Colmar after lunch, you’ll need a quick break to rest your feet and get something to drink. This place is the perfect little spot for that. We were greeted and served by the sweetest little old lady - spoke very little English but enough to communicate what you want. We tried the lemon meringue tart and some coffee. Great selection of cakes, pies, and tarts so you can probably find something you would like! Also, I had the latte with whipped cream, which was actually excellent.

La Binchstub (Starsbourg)

Looking for a casual dinner spot to enjoy some beer and Strasbourg’s famous Tarte Flambees? La Binchstub is that perfect spot. Not a huge place and gets very crowded very quickly, so I’d recommend making reservations. For our last dinner here, we just wanted something easy and simple, so we headed over here. The staff here were also very friendly and welcoming!


For the two of us, we ordered 1 savory tarte flambee and 1 sweet tarte flambee for dessert. They are thin but surprisingly very filling! It was our first time trying the dessert one, and it was delicious! There’s lots you can choose from, and when in doubt, ask the server and he/she will be able to point out the most popular ones. This was a perfect ending to our quick weekend trip to Strasbourg & Colmar.

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