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Our First Christmas in London

In the past, Ryan and I have always spent the holidays with friends & families back in the SF bay area and Texas (where my family currently lives). This year, since we are in London for a limited time only and my in-laws were visiting shortly after Christmas, we decided to spend it in London, just the two of us. Ryan was initially slightly homesick since everyone around us was going home for Christmas, but I thought it was actually pretty cute and romantic to spend it just the two of us!

London's Winter Wonderland

Christmas Markets are a thing in Europe, London included. London has several of them, but the biggest & most popular among tourists and locals is the one in Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland. It opens from late November to early January, and it’s definitely worth a visit. We went a few times during this winter and can’t get enough of it! If you are visiting London during this time of year, make sure you put this in your itinerary.

Christmas comes early in London

Halloween is not as big here in London compared to the states. Maybe some trick-or-treating on the streets (this could be a scam so watch out if little kids come up to you asking for money) and occasional sightings of people dressed up in costumes to go to Halloween parties, but that’s about it. Thanksgiving is definitely not a thing here since it’s an American holiday. So, what does that mean? Christmas comes super early in London! And.. I love it!