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Tips for Planning Your Iceland Trip

If you are visiting Iceland during the winter time, I highly recommend going with day tours rather than renting your own car and driving around. The roads are icy and slippery. Also, snowstorms are quite frequent. If you are not an experienced driver in the snow and icy roads, it could be very dangerous. Our tour guide actually mentioned that there are so many accidents with tourist cars during the winter time.

2 Full Days in Iceland - Day 2 (Southcoast Iceland)

Day 2 we spent exploring and discovering the southern coast of Iceland. This part of the country was very different from what we have seen the day before when we went around the Golden Circle. We saw a lot of new views that were vast and gorgeous. Interestingly, Ryan and I both thought that Iceland reminded us of Maui a lot, just covered in snow instead of tropical trees.

Our First Christmas in London

In the past, Ryan and I have always spent the holidays with friends & families back in the SF bay area and Texas (where my family currently lives). This year, since we are in London for a limited time only and my in-laws were visiting shortly after Christmas, we decided to spend it in London, just the two of us. Ryan was initially slightly homesick since everyone around us was going home for Christmas, but I thought it was actually pretty cute and romantic to spend it just the two of us!